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Eco Action 21 Registration

Iizuka & Co., Ltd. received an Eco Action 21 certification.


Certification: Iizuka & Co., Ltd.

Applicable sites: Head Office and Yasuda factories

Line of business covered by certification/registration: Machining and manufacture of metal parts for fluid equipment,vacuum equipment and medical equipment

Certification/registration: No. 0001052

Certification/registration: October 6, 2006

Renewal/registration: October 6, 2012

Valid through: October 5, 2014

Environmental Activities Report → iizuka

Environmental Policy

Environmental Philosophy

As a factory that produces metal products, Iizuka & Co., Ltd. will work in recognition of environmental issues by being aware of the need for harmonious coexistence with nature.
We will build, operate and maintain our environmental management system in the pursuit of constant improvement.

Activity Policy

1、We will do whatever possible to preserve the environment by abiding by the environmental
regulations, ordinance sand other regulations.

2、We will strive to regulate resource/energy consumption (reduce carbon-dioxide emissions).
・Reduce power consumption
・Reduce fossil fuels (kerosene oil, gasoline)

3、We will reduce waste materials and recycle resources.
・Thoroughgoing classification of general and industrial waste materials
・Improvement of the recycling ratio

4、We will strive to regulate water-resource investments.
・Reduction of water usage

5、We will promote conversion to environmentally friendly articles (implement green purchasing).
Achieve the practice of this environmental policy among all employees through means of
education and training.

May 1, 2014
Hajime Iizuka
Representative Director
Iizuka & Co., Ltd.