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Quality Management System Registration

JIS Q 9100:2009&JIS Q 9001:2008(ISO 9001:2008)
Registered business: Iizuka & Co., Ltd. Yasuda Factory, Karuigawa Factory (Manufacturing Department)

Line of business: Manufacture and assembly of precision-machined parts for general industrial and medical equipment

Initial registration: June 20, 2014

Valid through: June 19, 2017

Certificate: No. BSKA0216

Quality Policy

Cooperate in thorough cause investigation for the purpose of quality improvement at our production factories and quality improvement at our partner companies.
Communicate accurately and sincerely with simple, clear expressions for the sake of quality improvement in every aspect.
Focus on cost reductions as well as product innovation (for the sake of enhanced productivity and quality) to achieve customer satisfaction through products that deliver excellent cost performance.
Accordingly, we will observe the action guidelines provided below:

Action Guidelines

1, Put quality and reliability first, and do everything we can to improve in-house quality and quality
at partner companies in their daily operations.

2, Improve quality and thereby eliminate customer claims, in-house defects and defects at partner

Quality improvement targets for 2014
@Customer complaints: 10 or less
AIn-house defect percentage: 0.3% or less
BDefect percentage at partner companies: 2% or less

3, Combine our technologies and the skills of all employees to achieve the highest level of quality,
thereby meeting our customers’ expectations.
Customer satisfaction score for 2014: At least 18 out of the full 20 points

Established on July 14, 2014
Hajime Iizuka
Representative Director
Iizuka & Co., Ltd.