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Quality Management System Registration

Registered business: Iizuka & Co., Ltd., Head Office Factory

Line of business: Machining and assembly of metal parts for fluid equipment,
vacuum equipment and medical equipment

nitial registration: June 1, 2009

Revision date: January 7, 2015

Valid through: June 1, 2018

Certificate: No. 7583QMS001

Basic philosophy

Basic philosophy of Iizuka Inc is a continuous quality improvement.
We make efforts to improve the review of the current system to get customer
confidence and satisfaction.
Always consider the importance of quality to ensure customers' orders.

Quality Policy

1、Actively pursue quality initiatives.
Employ the quality-management system in organizational activity.

Pursue quality improvement with an understanding of responsibilities/roles and the desire to improve,
so as to meet the quality requirements of customers.

2、Pursue constant improvement for greater customer satisfaction.
Analyze the level of customer satisfaction and implementthe P (Plan) - D (Do) - C (Check) - A (Action)
cycle of improvement so as to understand and enhance effectiveness and continuity.

3、Step up check functions to achieve zero complaints.
Step up the check functions in order to prevent problems from occurring or reoccurring
and meet the customer's expectations of reliability, satisfaction and peace of mind.

4、 Pursue thoroughness in documentation.
Document the instructions, procedures, etc., so that they can be visually checked and understood.

Established on May 1, 20014
Hajime Iizuka

Representative Director
Iizuka & Co., Ltd.