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■Quality Initiatives

○ISO 9001: 2008 certification
○JIS Q 9100 certification

Scope of certification
・JIS Q 9100: Yasuda and Karuigawa factories (Manufacturing Department only)
・ISO 9001: 2008: Head Office

Management of measuring equipment
We maintain the high quality of measuring equipment by periodically calibrating them with ceramic master gauges.
We maintain/manage the measurement quality of 3-D measuring equipment, image dimension measuring equipment, etc., based on the assurance of their respective manufacturers or a public testing agency.

Inspection machines
EXLON-Z 3-D measuring machine Water-immersion leak tester
Helium leak tester

Machine name
Date introduced
EXLON-Z 3-D measuring equipment
Nakamura Mfg.
June 2005
FARO GAGEPLUS 3-D measuring equipment
1200 mm, spherical
Faro Japan
September 2009
PJ-250 projection machine
June 2005
Hardness gauge
Nakai Precision Machinery Mfg.
June 1998
SURF TEST SJ301 surface-roughness gauge
June 1998
Variable-magnification microscope
Saitoh Kougaku
June 2010
Water-immersion leak tester
Air pressure 0.5 MPa
Fabricated in-house
December 2005
Water-immersion leak tester
Air pressure 0.5 MPa
Fabricated in-house
August 2007
IM-6010 Image dimension measuring equipment,
measuring head
Air pressure 0.5 MPa
April 2014