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Head Office

Suzuka Ito
Joined in 2011
Graduated in March 2011 from Niigata University’s Education and Human Science Faculty with a major in Art & Environment Creation
Responsibility: In charge of material/customer management

Message to new graduates

I'm in charge of material/customer management at the Head Office, where my responsibilities include the ordering of materials and management of their delivery schedules. Because my department directly interacts with customers and suppliers, I try to be consistently courteous in my dealings with them. I still inconvenience my seniors on various occasions, but now, after three years on the job, I get to do many different things. I will perform the responsibilities of my job and work hard as I continue my career growth.

When I joined the company, I really knew nothing. However, my seniors patiently taught me how to do my job. I made numerous mistakes as I struggled to learn so many new things. When things went smoothly, I could sense the reward of personal growth. Let’s grow together at Iizuka & Co., Ltd.!

Yasuda Factory

Kazuki Mochida
Joined in 2013
Graduated from Niigata Institute of Technology’s Department of Information and Electronics
Responsibility: Machining Section, Manufacturing Department

Message to new graduates

At the Yasuda Factory, we machine parts that are used in fluid equipment, medical equipment and other applications.
My machining experience is still limited, but with the help of my seniors I've gradually acquired knowledge of machining techniques. Today, I'm involved in various machining processes.

It takes time and effort to machine a complex shape, but when the finished part matches the drawings I have an enormous sense of achievement.

I recommend working here to anyone who has the patience to perfect one thing but who also loves to try out new things.

Karuigawa Factory

Yoshihiro Jimbo
Joined in 2011
Graduated from Niigata Institute of Technology’s Master’s program
(Natural & Social Environmental System Engineering)

Responsibility: Dual responsibilities in the Product Development and Production Technology departments

Message to new graduates

Iizuka & Co., Ltd. is a company that brims with an adventurous spirit. We apply a vast accumulation of machining know-how to tackle new challenges every day.
My responsibilities at Iizuka include starting new projects, make improvements on the production floor and designing products, among others.
I learn something new every day because the situation often calls for information I don’t know. It requires that I think out of the box.
I struggle a lot and the failures can be daunting, but when the results are good I feel really happy and rewarded.

Our company president encourages us to "try different things," so I’m always looking for interesting new ideas without being limited to what an iron-works factory might normally do.

Iizuka & Co., Ltd. will continue to take on new challenges going forward.
If you want to learn and challenge many new things, join us!