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The President’s Message

I assumed the post of representative director from the previous president and thus became the third skipper of Iizuka & Co., Ltd. on May 1 of this year.
The metal parts and functional parts we produce are essential for the expansion of Japanese industry, and we are aware of the great responsibility we have to supply those parts to our customers.
Additionally, we're aware of our great responsibility to create jobs in the communities we serve. Therefore, we must continue to grow in order to fulfill these responsibilities.

The outlook remains challenging for small and medium manufacturers. Nevertheless, we have three key tools with which to succeed. Our Head Office Factory has, over the past 60 years, accrued a wealth of small-volume, multiple-variety manufacturing technologies for valves and pumps. Our Yasuda Factory, after just 10 years in operation, has been recognized for its excellence as a manufacturing facility for medical equipment and parts and has received the JIS Q 9100 certification for aircraft. Moreover, we have the benefit of technologies in six-axis machining and high-precision assembly, which we've gained through development of vacuum pumps. I'm confident that, through constant effort supported by these strengths and the globally recognized Japanese ethic of quality and service, we will meet all our objectives.
This belief is one I live by, and it will preside within me each day as I work to provide capable leadership.

Last but not least, I'm committed to a personal effort to grow the company and contribute to society as a Japanese manufacturer of the highest standard.
Your guidance and encouragement are greatly appreciated.

Hajime Iizuka
Representative Director

Management Policy

Our founding philosophy is to "contribute to the next generation through manufacturing," always with the passion to create culture, be of service to society and explore new technologies. Thus we endeavor to provide manufacturing services that satisfy our customers while developing talents that will carry the next generation on their shoulders. We know that the attainment of technological innovation requires a constant dedication to our philosophy and principles. In turn, the technologies we master will bring forth products that contribute to the future of Japan.

Social Responsibilities of Iizuka & Co., Ltd.

@ Actively propose VA/VE ideas for the mutual benefit of Iizuka and its customers.

A Think globally and respond quickly to the market and its constant changes.

B Achieve sustainable growth through adherence to our manufacturing philosophy.

C Nurture competitive employees by helping them grow through personal initiative.